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In China many foreign companies have in vain tried to find the reasons why communication does not work, why routines are not being followed, why quality fails, why it is difficult to go to the bottom with problems. Even with personnel on site in China it is difficult, time consuming and sometimes too late. It is then very difficult to correct the problem internally.


Our concept is based on our own long and wide experience of the Chines business culture and a wide network of Chines contacts. With this background we know what to do and ask for, who to ask and who to turn to for assistance if we need help.


When the target organization understands that we have this insight of what is going on it is possible for us to open up for information and explanations that are impossible to get within an ongoing organization in China. Our experience is that foreign management many times are locked in in an “information bubble” which is hard to break. Inside China can expose facts that are hard to get to and that are well hidden. This normally includes actions that cost the company a lot of money and lack of efficiency.


Working concept

Feasibility study:


A simplified standard feasibility study made by us includes the following steps:


Meeting at head quarter to define existing problems and what has been done to correct them. Interviews with key personnel involved in the Chinese operations. Definition of goals and targets.


A 3 to 5 day visit to the facilities in China to make interviews with selected key persons and inspections of site. In special cases we use our external Chinese network to make sure that we truly understand the situation.


A written summary report including action plan with next steps. This is presented to our client at a face to face meeting to make sure that all questions are answered and that the client gets the complete picture.


Next step:


If  the client agrees to our action plan and Inside China is chosen to realize the plan we will submit a quotation for our work including an action plan with a time line. Based on the feasibility study and the assignment one or the two of us will do the actual work at site. Our total experience will however be included in our work and report.


Most of the work will be carried out at site with regular milestone meetings with our clients representatives on our findings.


After agreement implementation of actions and final report.


Based on agreement with the customer a quarterly or half year follow up can be done after the assignment is finished.


The cost for a feasibility study like this is based on direct costs, hotel, travelling, allowance for expenses and a daily consultant fee. It is our ambition to keep the feasibility cost at an acceptable level to make it easy for our clients to take the next step of starting the feasibility study without losing to much time.


Why use us:


The Chinese market offers a fantastic potential if it is used right.


Inside China has a long and wide business and industrial experience.


We have an unique and long experience from working inside China – inside Chinese organizations.


Inside China offers a simple and straight forward working concept.


Our work is based on our respect and appreciation of the Chines business culture.


We can do things that are nearly impossible to do internally in a Chines organization.


Our experience makes us able to “read between the lines” and open up Chinese organizations.


We know China.


We have done it before.