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Inside China´s main business is feasibility studies, trouble shooting and actions to correct problems at existing operations in China. Our skills and experience in connection with our working methods makes us unique in doing this.


Based on our experience, know-how and understanding of the Chinese business culture we can also be used for interim management assignments. Meaning that we can take on a CEO or high level management position in China for a limited time while the company is looking for a permanent replacement.


In addition to this our experience and wide network in all aspects of company´s operations we are also involved in identification of potential partners and suppliers, identification of potential acquisitions targets both in China and Europe.


Having been involved in acquisitions “in both directions” i e both from a Chinese company buying Swedish companies and also from a Swedish company being bought by a Chinese company has given us very good insight in the Chinese mentality and strategies in mergers and acquisitions. This know-how we can share being part in acquisition plans and negotiations.


Inside China can also work as a “stand in operation resource” i e based on our regular travelling to China we can visit partners, subcontractors and subsidiaries for regular follow ups. This replaces costly trips and adds extra resources to the operations in Sweden in a cost effective way.


Our concepts here are also simple and straight forward.